This is dependant on the type of boiler you have chosen but typically you will need to have a service on your boiler twice a year which can be done by ourselves or a representative of your choosing once we have given them the appropriate training.

The European boilers we use can burn pellet and chip with moisture content of between 8-50% (depending on boiler type).

Our boilers are all automated and therefore the ash removal is collected into a small box that needs to be emptied every month.

This will be dependent on your requirements for how often you want the store filling and your redundancy. Again this will be sized to minimise fuel delivery costs for your site.

We have applied and been accepted for many applications on client behalf so can do this for you or help you with the application process.

Yes, we can connect our boilers into your existing heating systems, and remove your old boiler. We can also leave your boiler in place, and install our boiler into you current system, giving you 100% backup.

We will size the boilers as part of the site survey and initial details given to us. The final sizing will take into account other factors such as heating requirements, age of building, type of existing system etc.

The cost of supplying and installing a boiler and system is dependent on each situation and also any potential government incentives that can be accessed. We can provide you with a guide to the cost and payback period after taking a few details. This can then be followed up by an accurate quote after a site survey. Our estimates are free with no obligation.