Termolegno – Steaming

Soften the wood fibers and thus allow an easier manipulation of the raw material and then any processing of sawn timber.
Stabilize and allow homogeneous moisture throughout the volume of wood in order to facilitate the subsequent drying.
Change the natural color of the wood, if necessary, through a procedure that is natural and not through chemical laboratory.




The steaming systems Termolegno are constituted by watertight cells inside which it is possible to recreate an environment of saturated steam in which the wood is exposed to high temperatures and high humidity. These technologies activate a transformation of the cells of the wood, generating a change of its color, and allowing a more efficient management of the process of steaming of wood. The water vapor is generated from an external source and, finally, introduced into the cell to invest the timber.

Termolegno and its technologies also allow:

The softening of the woody tissues. This allows easier processing at the sheeter or shearing to obtain thin sheets of plywood or decorative veneers.

A subsequent regularly and without harmful tensions drying, facilitated thanks to the stable and homogeneous humidity conditions throughout the volume of the wood.

The removal from the wood, by leaching, of the soluble substances contained in the form of juice or different cell contents (sugars, starch, tannins, rubbers, etc.), therefore decreasing the danger of deterioration by fungi and insects.