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You would think that by now the wood industry would have the recycling of wood waste all sewn up, but it isn’t the case.

The European Union has set a target to reduce green-house emissions by 20 percent below 1995 levels by 2020, as well as to obtain 20 per-cent of its power from renewable sources.

That means all waste producing industries need to wake up; that includes the wood industry. Wood waste can be used as for heating buildings, but everyone knows that already, or do they? If everyone knows that, then why isn’t wood waste being put to good use? It is estimated that 10 million tonnes of wood waste is being produced every year in the UK and guess what, most of it goes to the landfill!

It seems that places like saw mills, pallet companies, kitchen manufacturers and in fact any company producing waste wood have a bit of a challenge on their hands, they need to get rid of wood waste, and they also need to reduce their carbon emissions, but how?

What if off cuts and co-products were used as fuel to heat kilns? Instead of having to arrange for the sawdust, shavings, off-cuts and wood chips to be collected ( which costs ) a biomass boiler could be the solution your challenge needs. A biomass boiler could get rid of your wood waste and cut your carbon emissions. Just think about it, even the lorries that arrive to take away the wood waste are contributing to carbon emissions. Not only are you burning wood waste to provide a heating solution, but you’re also saving the planet!

When businesses start putting the environment on their list of priorities it attracts PR, which attracts awards, which creates awareness, it’s a complete win-win. So, now are you looking at that sawdust on the ground in a different ray of light? That sawdust, that waste wood, is wasted money, stop wasting it and put it to good use, turn it into energy, get heat from it, get your reward for being environmentally friendly and then smile for the camera, because you’re now this month’s Eco-friendly news story! And we haven’t even mentioned the remuneration your company will receive from the governments generous generation tariffs!

Spread the news; a solution is here; it’s a cost-effective, it’s a smart way to turn your wood waste into energy. Don’t waste wood when there’s BIO-MASS!

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