Selected Eco Energy Finance

Looking for finance on a renewable project? Give us a call; we can put you in touch with several very well established finance houses, where you can work with them directly to secure the funding for your project.

We also work closely with a trusted partner to offer Energy supply contracts (ESCO’s) This type of contract is very risk free for the end client, essentially the owner/financier will invest capital into a project and then maintain the system for the duration of the term (typical 20 years).

The end user will get heat supplied to their buildings and charged by the owner to the end user (typically lower than any type of fossil fuel). The owner gets their return from the government incentives; the end user gets a risk free installation of renewable energy, cheaper than any type of fossil fuel with no maintenance, and 100% redundancy in the heat supply, as existing heat emitters can be kept in place.

Looking To Finance A Renewable Energy Project?

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